After verifying the horoscope, ‘thamboola/ashtamangala prasnam’, the remedies for miseries have to be conducted. They include performing ‘homam’, ‘offertory’, ‘bhagawathy seva’, ‘guruthy’, ‘sarpam pattu’ etc. Only after performing these remedies one can attain result for all the ills and evils.

The tantric who performs the rituals must be strong. The appurtenance used for poojas should be pure and clean. The poojas have to be done in serene atmosphere. Thus various factors influence the result of the poojas held. Along with poojas, complete piety and confidence of devotees and performers make sure of success.

The yanjasala is the place which does these poojas. The yanjasala is the associate centre of Vaisakh Astro Mission. It was Brahmasree Balamurali Namboothirippad, former head priest of Sabarimala Dharmasastha temple, who formally inaugurated the yanjasala. Brhamasree Mullappally Krishnan Namboothrippad, working president of Tantravidyapeet also graced the occasion. The evil findings emerged from the rituals in yanjasala are solved by poojas accordingly.

Brahmasree Raman Namboothirippad, former head priest of Sabarimala temple, Brahmasree Thattayathu Sankaran Namboothirippad, head priest of kodungalloor bhagawathy temple, Brahmasree Thanni harinarayanan Namboothirippad, trustee of Dhanwantharimoorthi temple, Thottuva, BrahmasreeThanni Narayanan Namboothiri, head priest of Chottanikkara bhagawathy temple and many other priests do remedial rituals here.