Vastu Services

Land Test

Ensure whether the land selected for constructing home is ideal and suitable for living.


  • 1) The person who wishes to build home should examine his/her horoscope to find whether it is his ideal time for construction. If any hurdles it must be cleared by performing divine remedies.

  • 2) For those who have no horoscopes can examine it through dice method (‘kavadi nirathal’).

  • 3) Draw Building plan according to ‘vaasthu saasthra’(traditional architecture) and as per the wishes of the incumbent.

  • 4) Alter the plan designed by the architect and builder according to ‘vaastu’ standards.

  • 5) Erect poles at the spot where the plan specified for building.

  • 6) The position of well, pond etc to be constructed must be marked and poles be erected in advance.

  • 7) The position of byre (cow shed), outside toilet, dog cage, car shed, garden etc should be identified according to vaasthu tradition.

  • 8) In case of presence of ‘sarpa’(snake) in the compound, it must be divinely relocated.

  • 9) In the case of renovation of old houses, the existence of cellar, ceiling etc. has to be identified and any defects must be rectified as per astrologer’s advice.

  • 10) In the case of business men, entrepreneurs, industrialists, their financial position may be examined and give proper directions for their prosperity.