The aim of our establishment is to render the services of traditional ‘vaasthu saasthra’ and astrology to the benefit of common man. As you all know, vaasthu saasthra (traditional architecture) and astrology have been existing in the world even in the midst of challenges and adversities. Both vaasthu and astrology have scientific base which even the westerners accept them. Our endeavour is to enlighten the people about the relevance of these ‘saasthras’ in applying to the day to day affairs of common people. It was Brahmasree Kanippayyoor Krishnan namboothirippad, the veteran ‘vaasthu saasthra’ scholar who inaugurated the firm on August2010.Brhamasree Vezhapparambu Chandrabhanu Namboothirippad, Dr.Balakrishna Warrier exponents in these saasthraas also graced the occasion. It is Sri. Jayakrishan, grandson of late astrology scholar and author of the book ‘House building plan’Sri. Pralayathodu Parakkal Krishna Warrier, who is the Director of this institute.

Jayakrishanan S Warrier

Although he completed Chemical Engineering, he has more affinity towards traditional architecture (Vaasthu) and astrology. He had conducted ‘Ashtamangalya prasna’ and ‘Thamboola prasna’ in various temples of Kerala and outside and even in households. Ganesh temple at Attingal, Mahadeva temple at Thiruvallom, Devi temple at Karunagappally, Sreedharma saastha temple at Kunnatheri, Durgadevi temple at Meth etc. are some temples in which Jayakrishanan was the divine tantric. Jayakrishnan has written several articles related to Vaasthu and astrology. He had also held an astrological programme titled ‘Veedu’(home) in People’s TV channel. Besides he had also held astrological programmes which attracted many people. As an eloquent speaker he had also conducted several discourses on ‘snake worship and nature’. He has been conducting divine discourses in epics and astrology.