Astro Medicine

Even at the time of progress and prosperity, people have been fed up with diseases. What is the reason for this? What is the solution? How can diseases be restricted? In an astrological treatise named ‘Veerasimhavalaokanam’ in Sanskrit it is said that’ Janmantharakritham paapam vyadhiroopena badhayath’.
It means whether reasons for diseases and illness are the sins we committed during former generation? Or due bad effects of snake (sarpa)/ witches? Whether curse of snake (‘sarpa dosha’) is the reason for skin diseases?
In astrology there are provisions to identify these reasons. By identifying and finding solutions along with treatment can cure these diseases.

Astro tourism

Are we unwilling to travel? No. How much money each family spent for travel tourism? Huge amount is spent for these purposes. Travel gives us cheer and happiness. It has become part of our life. If these travels give us additional spiritual ecstasy it will be blissful. Astro Tourism tries for it. By availing the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, horoscope can be made and analysed. Further the ideal destination for travel which will help to attain spiritual and material progress can be ascertained. We plan tour accordingly.
It is the exclusive uniqueness of VAISAKH VAASTHU ASTRO MISSION. The time bound worship of temples, offertory etc. are guided by us and take care of your food, accommodation also.