Astrological services

  • 1) Prepares horoscope for individuals irrespective of caste, creed and religion

  • 2) Analyses horoscopes and give guidelines.

  • 3) For those who do not have horoscope, will be prepared using dice method (kavadi nirathal)

  • 4) For ascertaining problems in families, perform ‘thamboola’, ashtamangala’ prasnam and find remedies.

  • 5) For ascertaining the problems in temples perform ‘thamboola’, ashtamangala prashnam.

  • 6) In establishments perform ‘prasnam’ and ways to reach progress and prosperity.

  • 7) Find good ‘muhoortham’ for marriage, house warming and naming.

Thamboola-Ashtamangala Prasnam

‘Thamboola Prashnam’ is an ideal solution to find remedies for serious and complex problems. ‘Thamboolam’ means betel leaf. It is considered as betel leaf came from paradise to earth. The predictions using betel leaf have clarity and credibility. In old families and its temples, sacred groves, the basic causes for concern are detected by this method. However, ‘Ashtamangala prasnam’ offers clearer cut predictions.
It is carried out by a team of astrological scholars by analysing each and every aspect of the problems faced in the family and traditional ‘tharavadu’.
sThe remedies are also declared by the tantric. It has many uniqueness and specialities. ‘Ashtamangalya prasnam’ is the contribution of ‘Kerala Jyothisha pandits’. Now people all over the world are curiously watching this ritual.